Bar145° - BURGERS
  • 5305 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH 43623 | phone 419.593.0073
  • WHY NOT BAR 146°? OR BAR 144°?
  • 145° is actually the perfect temperature to cook a piece of red meat "medium rare". The warm pink center and slightly crispy outside provide an amazing contrast that we can't resist, and you shouldn't mess with. (So if you want your burger in any other way, let us know… but we're going to look at you weird and make fun of you behind your back. No one wants that.)
  • “Tempura Battered & Fried Green Beans • Roasted Bone Marrow • Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese • Lamb Chop Sliders • Bacon-Wrapped Meat Loaf • Fried Brussel Sprouts • Apple Pie Burger • House-Made Blackbean Veggie Burger • And a whole lot more! ”Click here to View Our Menu
  • STACK YOUR OWN (with like, a million topping choices)
  • Local Artisan Cheeses • Fresh Produce • 14 Housemade sauces • Premium Toppings such as Fresh Guacamole, House Cured Bacon, Fried Eggs, & Spiced Apples • And so much more served on 5 different choices of freshly baked breads! Click here to Build Your Own Burger